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GameCraft Short-Mailman

One Day at Go-Go Island

Spike:Their that's all the Monster Figures of Go-Go Island all I need now is the Scorpirhino,And Its Avalible Online! I'll buy it now!

Spike Shipped the Item and Waited

Spike:I wonder when it will come?

He goes outside and Sees X-treme as a Postman deilvering Mail,There was a note on the door.

Spike:Sorry I missed you,Postman X-treme

Spike hears a Knock on the Door but no luck,He sees X-treme deilvering more mail

Spike:Sorry I missed you,Postman X-TREME!

Spike makes a phone call

Spike:Pick Up x7


Spike:Katrina,X-treme's Delivering and I keep Missing!

Katrina shows up

Katrina:X-treme maybe fast but I can Spin Dash to catch him for you

Katrina Spin Dashes to X-Treme,She Almost caught him but she failed.

X-Treme sped by and left a note

Spike:Sorry I missed you

Spike makes another call

Spike:Pick Up x7


Spike:No Final Monster Figure,Help!

Rocky Shows up

Rocky: Don't worry,X-Treme maybe fast on his Skateboard,But I can stop him since I'm a Rock Dragon

X-treme speeds by and but then runs to Rocky

X-treme:Package for Spike

Spike opens it and gets the last Monster Figure

Spike:Yes! Finally! I finally got it!

He Acidentally smashes it on the ground

Spike:Aw Man!
GameCraft Short 1
This is my First GameCraft Short,Its Based off the Mixels Short "Mailman"
The 12 Knights of the Smash Bros Table by SuperMarioMaster170
The 12 Knights of the Smash Bros Table
These are my Knights of the Smash Bros Table

Mega Man-One of My All Time Favorite Video Game Characters,Mega Man was Amazing and I think he's Way Better Than Sonic and Pac-Man,I beat a lot of Mega Man Games Except for Mega Man 9 the reason was because my Wii Broke,But Mega Man Is Awesome,He is my Number 1 Best Fighter in Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS

Meta Knight-My Best Fighter in Super Smash Bros Brawl,Meta Knight is one of the most Powerful Characters in the Kirby Series,Besides owns a Giant Battleship in Kirby Super Star and Ultra

Paluentena-She is  the most of the Beautiful Girls in the World of Nintendo (In My Opinion) She maybe be Sexy and Cute,But She can Kick lots of butt,Besides She has a Cute face in the Anime,To me Paulentena is like a Old Sister to Pit,and She gives Very Helpful Advice in Uprising

Mario-The Face of Nintendo Himself,I grew up with Mario since I was a little boy,I play alot of Mario Games,The First Super Mario Bros,Mario 2,Mario 3,Mario 64,Mario Sunshine,Mario Galaxy etc.

Kirby-The Cutest Character I ever seen,Kirby was my Best Character next to Mario in the First Super Smash Bros,Kirby may be adorable but If you mess with him,He can be One Tough Puff Ball

Pit-When I saw Pit in the Smash Bros Brawl Trailer he kinda looked like Sora from Kingdom Hearts,After playing as Pit in Smash Bros,He Became one of My Favorite Chararcters,And The First Kid Icraus was cool,But When I play Uprising my Jaw Dropped cause That Game Was Amazing! Pit is a Beast when it comes to Smash Bros

Yoshi-My Favorite Dinosaur in Fiction,Yoshi has been one of the most Helpful Characters in the Mario Games and He has been when of my Best Characters in Super Smash Bros,He was amazing in Super Smash Bros Brawl,And I got introduced to the Yoshi series thanks to Yoshi's Story on N64

Pac-Man-The Grandfather of Arcade Games,I was hoping Pac-Man would make it into Smash Bros and My Wish was Granted,I loved Pac-Man ever since I played Namco Museum Vol.3 on Playstation,I play most of Pac-Man Games(Pac-Man World 2 is My favorite)I even love the New Pac-Man in Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures.

Mr Game and Watch-My Best Fighter in Smash Bros Melee,Plus he Introduced my to the Game and Watch Gallery series and Game and Watch Games in General

Greninja-I may not be a big Pokemon fan but Greninja is one of the most badass Pokemon I ever seen

Sheik-Out of all the Zelda Characters,Sheik is one of My Favorites,Shes very Mysterious and Sneaky,I do wish she was in more Zelda Games,The Best Part is that She's a Ninja and Ninjas Kick Ass!

Duck Hunt Dog-I know he's annoying but In Smash Bros He's Pretty Cool(I also felt that way for R.O.B)When I played with Him on Smash Bros he was Great,Besides he's a Tribute to the Nes Zapper

The Meme belongs to Dragonprince18
GameCraft-Soda Jerk by SuperMarioMaster170
GameCraft-Soda Jerk
New GameCraft Villain

Name-Soda Jerk



Abilities-Soda Soaker,Toon Related Weapons

Idea for Voice Actor-Dana Snyder-Master Shake from Aqua Teen


GameCraft-Smashsquatch by SuperMarioMaster170



Abilities-Throwing Barrels,Smashing,Climbing Vines


Idea for Voice Actor-Jim Cummings-Pete from Mickey Mouse


Note:He was inspired by Wreck It Ralph and The Classic Donkey Kong


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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