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Metropollis Mayhem Teen Titans version

Robin:These Roads increase our speed!

Cyborg:How much could you possibly need?

Starfire:Guys Stop,We've gotta beat'bots to proceed!


Starfire:Watch your Stop,Robin!

Cyborg:More punching? Sounds like a hoot!

Other Titans:NO!

Starfire:How about Thunder Shoot?

Other Titans:Aaaah!

Starfire:Sorry...guys forgot that electrocutes....

Raven:Our pain seems chronic....

Artemis:Arlight Guys,No getting sidetracked this time.We ARE Finding Slade


Blue Beetle:Affirmative

Aqualad:We can start with those Bizarro Pawns

Rose Wilson:Perhaps we can get some Information out of them

Blue Beetle:Bizarro's Sighted Prepare to attack!

Aqualad:On out quest danger surely awaits!

Aretmis:So many Robots here!

Speedy:All the more to Annihilate

Kid Flash:Must we rise theese poles likes actrobats?

Blue Beetle:Now Ascending pole

Artemis:Hey Wait Up! How can they do that?

Wonder Girl:Come on Guys,I just know SuperBoy's here!

Miss Martian:And Slikie?

B'wanna Beast:And Krypto?

Wonder Girl:Yeah.Sure.

Bat Girl:Hey B.Beast! Question real quick,Are you so big and so thick?

Miss Martain:I Think..It's cause he has a real big...!

B'wanna Beast:Heart! Eeh,hee,hee,hee-hee!

Super Girl:These turtles shells are stuck shut!

B'wanna Beast:I'll beat them with my GUT! HO-HO!

Miss Martain:I think we should flip the turtle

B'wanna Beast:What...?

???:Here is your next mission,DESTROY all of my...!Err...Slade's Minions

Dream Girl:Whatever you say,boss!

???:And, gentle will you?

Brainiac 5:Why do you care?

???:Well I....?

Lightning Lad:QUIET,Brainiac!!

Brainiac 5:Very well.

Saturn Girl:We'll bust these...robots painlessly!

Chameleon Boy:with a Jam Session

Timber Wolf:Sounds inhumane to me...

Brainiac 5:I live in the shadows

Lightning Lad:I'm the Doc

Dream Girl:I'm Dream Girl...!

Legion:All of us can REALLY ROOOCK!!

Dream Girl:Hey,Brainiac? Think we finally got it right this time?

Brianiac 5:Not a Chance,Dream Girl.

Aqualad:Hey Artemis,who are those guys over there?

Artemis:I don't know them at all,Aqualad.

Speedy:And I do not care

Brainiac 5:The last Minion's in sight!

Chameleon Boy:Okay,guys! Let's beat'em up!

Blue Beetle:Now Preparing to fight

Wonder Girl:SuperBoy!

Miss Martain:Give back Silkie!

B'wanna Beast:Give me Kyrpto!

Terra:We don't have them! Can't we expl-?

Bat Girl-Can it,brainiac!

Terra:Naww,Supe Booe,Da teenz don' like tha kin a wearwuff...

SuperBoy:And Now It's Personal.

Cyborg:Punchin Time!

Streaky:Now it's Titans vs Titans Last standing wins.Its time for Team Battlin' to begin!


B'wanna Beast:Krypto are you down there?

Bat Girl:B'wanna Beast!

Robin:That's one dumb guy down to start!

Cyborg:Just these ladies to go!

Wonder Girl:I fight cause I love you

Bat Girl:HIYA,Oh my god,What have we done?

Super Girl:If they fall,We fall too!

Blue Beetle:Initiate Attack!

Chameleon Boy:Hey look at all those Misslies! WOAH!!

Cosmic Boy:Stay Back

Blue Beetle Scarab:Critical Error! Errrror!

Aqualad:That was Cheap

Cosmic Boy:Huh?

Aqualad:But I'm Cheaper!

Cosmic Boy:I have failed my team AGAAAIIN!!

Chameleon Boy:You Cheater,I'm gonna sting your hide!

Aqualad:AAAH!! Dammit! I think I'm allergic!

Bouncing Boy:That was suicide!

Timber Wolf:This ain't fair,ya know....

Rose Wilson:I'll go easy on you,dear

Timber Wolf:Oh! That's it,girl! Let's go!




Miss Martian:I guess I won! Hee-hee!

Terra:Ugh..!What happend? Where's Robin?

Miss Martain:Down the Hole!


Miss Martain:Terra,will you be a good friend and let me win?

Terra:Not a chance!!
Titans Denied

Seaside Denied Teen Titans Version

Slade:Attention Everyone,In 3 Days I will Release my Ultimate Weapon on the World.Think You can stop me Teen Titans?

Robin[Speaking]:You bet Slade! Nothing can stop the power of Team Work!

Robin:Lets Go,guys we've got a goal were persuing

Beast Boy:Cyborg,What in the Heck are you doing?

Cyborg:I'm gonna,use you guys as bozing gloves

Beast Boy and StarFire:Wait WHAT! WOAH!

Cyborg:SHIFT,ROCK,Yeah!! No blocking pillars left

Raven:Stop it Cy,BB and Star are beat to death

Terra:Just a Sec,I got 1 more wall to shove

Lightning Lad:I can't see the point of this quest,We'll likely meet a grave fate

Saturn Girl: Oh come on Light don't be so depressed


Miss Martain:My Hands will propel us through the air

Batgirl,Super Girl and Wonder Girl:Gah! B.Beast Don't Stare

B'wanna Beast:Anybody in there?

Rose Wilson:Wheres the rest of us can't be far

Aqualad:SuperBoy's in some bar

Kid Flash: Don't know where the rest are

Cyborg:Mas and Menos Au Revoir

Beast Boy:Robin,looks theres whales in the Ocean

Cyborg:Lets Punch em!

Robin,Beast Boy,Starfire,Raven and Terra:NO!

Robin:Don't wanna cause a Comotion,Sorta brings back frightnining memories too....

Gizmo:Jump makes you jump press the button to jump!

B'wanna Beast:What Button i don't see one Gee,I'm Stumped


Batgirl:Quiet You!

Brainiac 5:Ammunitiion depleted,Reload inintiate

Triplicate Girl:Aah! Not the way a lady should be treated


Kid Flash:Finding Crabs makes sense not 1 bit

Speedy: Don't ask Questions Do It

Rose Wilson:Make sure their Hermits

Streaky:Listen all you morons,Kypto's gone someone theived him,That fat Dude's holding us back,yo In my opinion we should leave him


Miss Martain:Look he likes you

B'wanna Beast:Isn't that cute,Fishing Time!

Batgirl:Don't hook me you Brute!

Lightining Lad:I've had enough of this CHAOS CONTROL!

Brainiac 5:Produc indentified as Swiss Roll

Triplicate Girl:What use is that?

Bouncing Boy:I'm gonna,Eat it whole,Rom nom nom

Aqualad: O-kay fly us over Blue Beetle

Rose Wilson:Boss,Aren't we a bit heavy for a Beeetle

Blue Beetle:Sure are guys...I'll try,Can't Guarntee
Titans Denied
I made a Teen Titans Version of Seaside Denied,I  also add the Legion of SuperHeroes
Doom Raiders as the Legion of Doom by SuperMarioMaster170
Doom Raiders as the Legion of Doom
Here's a Recast of the Legion of Doom and the Doom Raiders

Gulper-Solomon Grundy (They're both Big,Slow in the Head)

Chompy Mage-Sinestro (They  both do Magic)

Chef Pepperjack-The Penguin (They are both Fat and I think the Penguin can make Fire with his Parasol)

Dreamcatcher-Killer Frost

Dr.Krankcase-Brainac (They're Both Smart)


Golden Queen-Giganta(The Queen Turned Huge in Trap Team)

Kaos-Lex Luthor
My Birthday is coming this week and I can't wait to get the Light or Dark Pack for Trap Team.But this is for Something Else.

I use to have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the PS3 until one of my Brothers friends borrowed the PS3 and Games that we had for it,Including Tekken Tag 2 also he traded it for somthing else,I only had the Game for a little while at that time,So I was thinking on getting the Game Again cause that game was Amazing! and I was thinking about some Customizations,like making Characters from Skylanders,MLP,My own Characters(From GameCraft)And others

Here's what I got for MLP

Twilight Sparkle-I was thinking of using Jun Kazama to make Twilight 

Rarity-I couldn't deiced on either Nina or Anna to make Rarity

Applejack-I was thinking either Julia or Michelle

Pinkie Pie-I think Ling Xiaoyu would be great of Pinkie Pie,I mean there both Cute and Bubbly 

Rainbow Dash-Asuka Kazama would be Perfect for Rainbow Dash

Fluttershy-I think Alisa would be great for Fluttershy,They both Have Pink Hair,They're both Sweet and Gentle and also they're both Cute

Sunset Shimmer-This one was Hard,I was think Miharu would be good for Sunset Shimmer

Trixie-I was thinking Lili would be good for Trixie

(I was also gonna do Vinyl,Derpy and the Dazzlings too)

Here's What I got for Skylanders

Spyro-Jin would be Great for Spyro,They're both Awesome and my Favorite Characters

Trigger Happy-I know this would be Wired but I think Roger Jr. would be good for Trigger Happy,All i Got to do is Change the Skin Color and Give them some Guns

Terrafin-Either Bruce Irvin or Steve Fox

Kaos-Heihachi would be Great for Kaos,Their both Evil

Fryno-I might use Paul for Fryno

Chef Pepperjack-I was thinking of using Ganryu for Chef Pepperjack

Chompy Mage-I can use Wang for him

Evilon-I was thinking of using Jinpachi

Dark Spyro-Devil Jin would be good for Dark Spyro

Drobot-I might use Combot for him

Stealth Elf-Kunimistu would be a Great Stealth Elf

Chopper-I could use Alex,Just have to give him some Mechanical Parts

Trap Shadow-I can use Armor King

Deja Vu-I could try to use Xiaoyu to make Her

Arkeyan-Well I could use Jack 6 and Prototype Jack to make a Few Arkeyans

(I was also thinking on doing Wolfgang,Dr.Krankcase,Dreamcatcher,Tae Kwon Crown,Blaster Tron(Maybe) Night Shade,Flameslinger,Cynder,Whirlwind,Sprocket,Roller Brawl,Chill,Echo,Blades(Maybe)Spotlight and Blackout)

Do You have any Ideas for Characters I can make for Tekken Tag Tournament 2?

P.S I'll also do my GameCraft Characters
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The Jokes on Jokey by SuperMarioMaster170
The Jokes on Jokey
Another April Fools Picture,Happy April Fools Day!

Pinkie and Sonata belong to Hasbro
Trigger Happy and Lob Goblin belong to Toys for Bob
Jokey,Sweet Tooth and Scruffy belong to Me


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My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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