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DC Nation was one of the Greatest blocks on Cartoon Network,I would mostly watch lots of their shorts like DC Nation's Farm League,New Teen Titans,Super Best Friends Forever and DC Super Pets,As for the Shows,I thought Young Justice and Green Lantern The Animated Series were pretty good shows,I wasn't a big fan of Beware the Batman,But I loved Teen Titans Go! The Animation looked pretty good,So good it made Raven and Starfire look so cute,I mean in the Old Show they looked Sexy,But in Go! They looked so adorable(Especially Starfire)As for the humor,Its Childish but still kinda funny,As for the Characters They were all funny but Robin was kinda of a douche,Beast Boy and Starfire were kinda annoying(But not THAT annoying)I'm okay with Raven being a Brony and Starfire was still cute just like the old show,Also some of the other Titans are like bad in this show,Terra,Aqualad,Speedy and Rose,I can understand Rose was a Bad Guy before but didn't she become part of the Titans now? And I think it would be better if Terra was a good guy instead of evil,And I understand Speedy is Robin's Rival but Why did they have to make Aqualad bad in the Episode Rocks and Water,But Overall I still like this show and it is one of my Favorite Shows on Cartoon Network,But When I saw the One Episode "Let's Get Serious" and heard Aqualad say "Superheroes learn about Friendship and Life" and I thought to myself "So that's the Reason why some people don't like Teen Titans Go"Because they do Childish things,And that let me to think about making my own Teen Titans Cartoon,I'll call it "Titans Together"

It will have the Teen Titans in their Chibi forms like in Teen Titans Go but instead of Childish Humor,It will have humor that even Older Audiences would laugh at,Plus More Action like the Original Teen Titans and Young Justice,Also Besides Robin,Starfire,Beast Boy,Raven and Cyborg,I think the other Teen Titans should be Main Characters too

Here's the Main Characters

SuperBoy-The New Leader of the Teen Titans
Voice Actor-Josh Keaton 

Robin-The Badass Co Leader of the Teen Titans
Voice Actor-Same

Starfire-The Cute Alien Girl
Voice Actress-Same

Beast Boy-The Funny Boy who can turn into Animals
Voice Actor-Same

Raven-The Mysterious Girl in the Hood
Voice Actress-Same

Cyborg-The Half-Man Half Robotic Mechanic 
Voice Actor-Same

Batgirl-Robin's Other Girlfriend and One of the Sidekicks of Batman
Idea for a Voice Actress-Grey DeLisle

Miss Martian-The Bubbly Alien Girl
Idea for a Voice Actress-Andrea Libman

Static Shock-The Cool One
Idea for a Voice Actor-Unknown

Blue Beetle-The Flying Gunner
Idea for a Voice Actor-Tom Kenny

Aqualad-The Handsome One
Voice Actor-Same

Speedy-The Rival of Robin
Idea for a Voice Actor-James Arnold Taylor

Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)-The Shy One
Idea for a Voice Actor-Hynden Walch

Rose Wilson-The Tomboy
Idea for a Voice Actress-Ashleigh Ball

FlameBird-The Crazy One
Idea for a Voice Actress-Audrey Wasilewski

Wonder Girl(Cassie Sandmark)-The Young Demi Goddess
Idea for Voice Actress-Tara Strong

Kid Flash-The Cocky One
Idea for a Voice Actor-Roger Craig Smith

Terra-Beast Boy's Girlfriend
Voice Actress-Same

And Here are the Secondary Characters


Mas Y Menos

Lagoon Boy



The Justice League-I think it would be good if the Justice League was in it like their were in Young Justice

Legion of Superheroes-I think They deserve a Another Chance to be on TV ever since the First Show

The DC Super Pets-I think they should be part of this show too.




Batman Beyond-I just think he should be in this

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

And here are the Villains,The Legion of Doom will be in this show too






Billy Numerous

Lex Luthor


Solomon Grundy

The Joker


Harley Quinn



Toy Man



Cyborg Superman

I'll come up with more Ideas for the show later
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Random
  • Reading: MLP,Skylanders and Nintendo Comics
  • Watching: Teen Titans and Young Justice and Legion of SH
  • Playing: Injustice and The Lego Movie Video Game
  • Eating: Birthday Cake Oreo's
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I got tagged and here are the Questions I should answer

1.) Who Do You Think is the biggest Jack*** On the planet?
Answer-Not really sure

2.) If you watch StevenUNIVERSE, Which Gem charater is your fav? (Personally, Mine is Lapis Lazuli)

3.) If Pokemon were real, Which Pokemon would you choose as your starter in real life?

4.) What was the most f***ed up, that EVER happened in your life? 
Answer-When I got bullied in 8th Grade

5.) Which one do you prefer, Another Foxy Chat Icon because why not  or WOOOOO Bumper Cars! (Bonnie Chat Icon) ?
Answer-Neither,I'm not a Five Nights a Freddy's Fan

6.) Psst, Hey, Do you know....Slender Man? 
Answer-I watch videos about him,But I think he's a myth

7.) Black or Yellow?
Answer-Probrably Yellow

8.) What would happen If your biggest wish came true?
Answer-I would Be Really Happy!

9.) Question...!!!! Do you have a question? (I GOT NOTHING!)

10.) Can i take you down....TO the bakery to get you a Five Nights at Freddys 2- Chicas Cupcake -Icon GIF !? 8D 

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Random
  • Reading: MLP,Skylanders and Nintendo Comics
  • Watching: Teen Titans and Young Justice
  • Playing: Injustice and The Lego Movie Video Game
  • Eating: Strawberry Swiss Rolls
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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