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Equestria Girls Skylands Kids 2 Skystars Chapter 8-Training

The Sun Began rise as Morning finally came,The Mane 6 and Skylanders were up and Ready to Train so they could win the Battle of the Bands

SnapShot:Hey,Ya came!

Musica:Great! You all got your instruments,Now We Can Practice

Wallop:First You guys needs some Costumes

Rarity:I got Just the Thing

She put on a Marching Band Outfit

Food Fight:Nah,Were not in a Marching Band Rarity

Rarity:How About this one

She was Dressed as a Spanish Dancer

Maria:That looks nice but Were not doing that.

Rarity:I bet this would fit you Drobot

She dressed him to make him look like Daft Punk and Gave him a Daft Punk like Helmet with the Tech Element on it

Gil Grunt:Enough with the Costumes!

Drobot:What! You could never have enough Costumes!

Trigger Happy:She just wants everyone to look Fashionable,Its Part of being in a Band Bro.

Rarity:Be Prepard Everyone

Rarity finished Dressing the Mane 6 and the Skylanders

Gil Grunt looked like a Country Singer

Gil Grunt:Looking Good!

Terrafin looked Pimp

Terrafin:Now that's Funky!

Trigger Happy looked like Michael Jackson

Trigger Happy started pretending to be Michael Jackson

Cynder looked like a Hardcore Rocker


Whirlwind looked Colorful

Whirlwind: Oooooo Pretty!

Stealth Elf looked Mysterious

Stealth Elf:Cool!

Spyro looked Awesome


Flameslinger looked Great


As for the Others,The looked Good as Well

Wildfire:Now that we got that done,You should play your instruments to prove that you got talent

Twilght Sparkle:Alright

Gearshift:First up is Pinkie and Trig

Pinkie Pie:Come on Trig,Lets Give them a Beat!

Trigger Happy:Right on Pinkie!

Trig and Pinkie Play their drums and Robots started to dance

Robot:This is My Jam!

Robot 2:Yeah!

Robot 3:Shake it like Mama Gave it!


Wallop:Next up,Terrafin!

Terrafin:Check me out homies!

Terrafin plays his Keyboard and then some Baby Dinosaurs Appeared

Chopper:Wow! I did'nt know he can make Dinosaurs!

Fluttershy:Aww! They are soooo Cute!

Baby T-Rex:Rawr!

Baby Tricretops:Rawr!


SnapShot:Arlighty Then,Next is Gil Grunt and Applejack

Applejack:Ready Gil?

Gil Grunt:Ready Aj!

Gil Grunt and Applejack play their basses and Water started spouting and Aquatic Animals Appeared

The Seals Barked,The Dolphins Squeaked,The Walruses made noise and The Turtles danced

SnapShot:Crikey! That was Amazing!

Krypt King:Twilght,Cynder,Its your turn

Cynder:Lets knock them Dead Twi!

Twilght Sparkle:As you wish!

Twilight begins to sing and Cynder plays her Guitar,And Suddenly,Ghosts,Zombies and Monsters appered and began to dance

Ghosts: (Laughs)

Zombie:I like this song

Monster:Me too!

Werewolf:Me Three

Mummy:So do I

Frankenstien:Me like Music too!

Vampire:This Music is Frightning,Ah ah ah ah ah!

Cynder:And the crowd goes wild!

Krypt King:Spooky!

Gusto:Ms Rarity,Lady Whirlwind,Your next

Rarity:Come Whirlwind

Whirlwind:Alright Rarity,Lets Do this!

Rarity plays her Keytar and Whirlwind plays her Tambourine,And then it stared to Rain and the Wind started blowing


Sunset Shimmer:Woah!

At last then Sun came back out

Gusto:Bravo! Bravo!

Wildfire:Sunset and Flamelsinger,Time for you too to bring up the Heat!

Sunset Shimmer:You Ready!


Flameslinger put on the Headset connected to the Microphone of Fire and grabbed his bass,Sunset Shimmer Grabbed her Guitar and began to play

Just then a Volcano appeared and lava was everywhere,But it wasn't effective to anyone

Wildfire:Now That's Hot Stuff!

Tuff Luck:Stealth Elf,Fluttershy,Its both you lucky days to give us a tune

Stealth Elf:Try your best Fluttershy

Fluttershy:I will,You try you best too Stealth Elf

Stealth Elf plays her Keytar and Fluttershy plays her Tambourine and then Plants began to grow and Animals came out

The Squrriels Chattered,The Bears Danced,The Armadillos Rolled,The birds chirped,and the Bunnies hopped

Tuff Luck:Incredible!

Blastermind:Finally,Spyro and Rainbow Dash

Spyro:Lets do this Dash

Rainbow Dash:Right behind ya Spy!

Spyro and Rainbow Dash played their Guitars and Magical Creatures began to appear

Dragon:This is one Awesome tune!


Harpies:Crank it up! Crank it up!

Things started floating above the Ground and Aliens began to appear

Alien:Nice Eath Jam!

Alien 2:I like it too!

Alien 3:Me three!

Blastermind:That tune blew my mind!

Snapshot:Now the Rest of you

Echo sang,Chill played her Tambourine,Sprocket played her keyboard,Drobot played his Cybernetic Guitar that plays 8 bit and 16 bit like tunes,Torch,Food Fight,Blades and Slash Sword played their guitars and Fist Bump and Grey Techa played his Drums,While Tessa,Elora,Hunter,Ember,Crash,Auora,Crimson Shot,Maria and Smackdown Sang

Snapshot:Very Very Impressive! You guys got lots of TalentNow lets put your singing Together

And they Did

[The Skystars]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Rainbow Dash and Spyro]
Awesome as I wanna be
[The Skystars]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Rainbow Dash and Spyro]
Awesome as I wanna be
First you see me riding on a sonic boom
Got my guitar shreddin' up my latest tune
There is nothin' you can do to beat me
I'm so good that you can't defeat me
[Rainbow,Spyro and the Skystars]
Yeah, I'm awesome, take caution
Watch out for me, I'm awesome as I wanna be
(Yeah!) I'm awesome, take caution
Watch out for me, I'm awesome as I wanna be
[The Skystars]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
[Rainbow Dash and Spyro]
Step aside now, you're just gettin' in my way
I got sick chops you could never hope to play
When it comes to makin' music, I'm the ruler
You wish you could be twenty percent cooler
[Rainbow,Spyro and the Skystars]
Yeah, I'm awesome, take caution
Watch out for me, I'm awesome as I wanna be
(Yeah!) I'm awesome, take caution
Watch out for me, I'm awesome as I wanna be

Pinkie Crush:Rock on!


Musica:Well done Skylanders,Your Ready

Snapshot:And for that,You deserve a Reward!

Snapshot does some Magic and then Instruments turned into Traptanium Instruments


Stealth Elf:This is Amazing

Snapshot:All you got to do is use this Spell and they'll turn into Traptanium

Just then Spry and Whisper Elf showed up

Spry:Hey,What's all the noise?

Sunset Shimmer:Aww,Who are those little tikes?

Spyro:That's Spry,My little Brother and that's Whisper Elf,Stealth Elf's little Sister

Sunset Shimmer:Are you guys entering the Battle too?

Spry:Of Course,We didn't get affected but we just want to enter for fun

Spyro:That's good,Well we're gonna take on the Doom Raiders


Whisper Elf:We gotta tell the Others!

The they ran off

Tuff Luck:Cute little kids


The Skylanders and Mane 6 high fived Each other,They were ready to face the Doom Raiders
Equestria Girls Skylands Kids 2 Skystars Chapter 7-Sleepover at Spyro's

Soon they arrived at Spyro's House,It was Huge

Rainbow Dash:Wow Spyro! Your House is Huge

Spyro:That's Because I'm a King

Sunset Shimmer:Even in this World?


Twilght Sparkle:Amazing!

Spyro:I invited a few more Friends to the Sleepover,So Make sure you guys give them a Friendly Welcome

Pinkie Pie:We Will,You can't have a Sleepover without friends

Everyone got in their Pajamas and began to have fun

Rainbow Dash,Applejack,Stealth Elf and Drobot were playing Video Games

Applejack:Hey! We were just about to be you

Rainbow Dash:I doubt it

Stealth Elf:Talk about a Sore Loser

RattleShake was looking at Hot Girls

RattleShake:Ai Coremba! Oh,Sweet Mother of Eon,This is,Oh LOrd!,Oh Lord!

Maria:RattleShake,What's wrong?

RattleShake hides his Laptop



Sword Slash:What a wierdo(giggles)

Maria:Hey,I think he's cute

Sword Slash:I know,But the Excitment was not nessescary

The Door Bells rings

Spyro:Those must be my friends!

But it was the Pizza Guy

Pizza Guy:Pizza Deilvery!

Trigger Happy:Alright,Pizza's here!

Pinkie Pie:PIZZA!

Rainbow Dash:Alright!

Food Fight:I ordered Artichokes on mine

Everyone was enjoying their Pizza

Sunset Shimmer:This is Good

Rainbow Dash:Yeah!

Gil Grunt:There better not be any anchovies,I hate achovies

Fluttershy:I don't see any anchovies Gil

Gil Grunt:Good!

Soon there was a another Knock on the Door

???: Open the door bro!

Spyro:Those must be them

Spyro: Opens the door

???:Hey Spyro!

Spyro:Guys you made it! Come on In.

Spyro lets them in

Spyro:Guys,I'd like you to meet my friends,Barrel Bull,Shred Bull,Big Foot Ball and Dr.Freeze

Twilight Sparkle:Its a Pleasure

Barrel Bull:Hi

Big Foot Ball:Sup Bro!

Twilight SParkle:I'm a girl

Big Foot Ball:Doesn't matter,Sup Anyway

Shred Bull:Nice to meet you

Dr.Freeze:Greetings Skylanders

Spyro:They were bad guys until they got Trapped and Became Good Guys

Applejack:So They were Bad,But then turned good?


Rainbow Dash:How did they become Good

Spyro:With this Traptanium Crystal

Mane 6: Oooooooooo

Twilight Sparkle:Amazing!

Rarity:Very Shiny!

Pinkie Pie:It looks like Candy!

Sunset Shimmer: Oh Pinkie Pie

Gil Grunt: Do they go to our School?

Spyro:Nope,They go to this place instead

It was a Flyer to a place were Villains become Skylanders

Sunset Shimmer:Nice

So Anyway,They Mane 6 and Skylanders had alot of fun at the Sleepover until it was time for bed,Everyone was Sleeping,Except Spyro,He was in the Kitchen trying to think of a way to stop the Doom Raiders,Soon he heard footsteps

Spyro:Who's There?

???:Hey Spyro,Its only me

It was Sunset Shimmer

Spyro: Oh,Hey Sunset Shimmer

Sunset Shimmer:What are you doing done here?

Spyro:Trying to think of a Spell to beat the Doom Raiders

Sunset Shimmer:Have you tried using That Traptaium Cryastal?

Spyro:That's not gonna Work,Only a Spell would work on those guys

Sunset Shimmer:Is there a Traptanium Spell?

Twilght Sparkle:I think I found somthing that might help out Spyro

Twilght Sparkle came in with a Book of Spells that she got from Spyro's Bookshelf

Spyro:Your so clever Twilght!

Spyro Reads the Book and Finds a Traptanium Spell While Sunset was looking for a Glass of Water

Spyro:Its worth a Try,That's what We'll use on the Doom Raiders,Thanks Twilight

Twilght Sparkle:No Problem

Spyro:Are you in Sunset?

Sunset Shimmer:Sure,Anyrhing to help a Friend

Sunset Shimmer shuts the fridge and Sees Ghost Roaster who just appered out of NoWhere

Sunset Shimmer:Aaah!

Ghost Roaster:What's up Docs! Just came to get some Pizza

Sunset Shimmer:Now That's just Wierd

Spyro,Twilight and Sunset went Upstairs to get some Sleep
Equestria Girls Skylands Kids 2 Chapter 7 Sleepove
I finally finished Chapter 7,I also Borrowed some Characters from my Friend OptiMario94
Happy Halloween by SuperMarioMaster170
Happy Halloween
Halloween is coming so I decided to make this,Happy Halloween Deviantart!
I've been playing Disney Infinity and watching some Videos About the Sequel,I've decided to try somthing like that

Skylanders Playset

Playable Characters
Gil Grunt
Trigger Happy
Stealth Elf
Jet Vac
Stump Smash
Prism Break
Food Fight
Deja Vu
Pop Fizz
Chompy Mage
DreamCatcher(Now she has a Body)
Golden Queen
Chef PepperJack

Master Eon
Kaos(Final Boss)

Power Discs
Sparx the Dragonfly
Ghost Pirate Swords
Dragon Power(Spyro)
Gil Grunt's Harpoon
Trigger Happy's Guns
Chop Chop's Demon Blade of the Underworld
Kaos's Dark Magic

My Little Pony Equestria Girls Playset

Playable Characers
Twilight Sparkle
Pinkie Pie
Rainbow Dash
Sunset Shimmer
Adagio Dazzle
Aria Blaze
Sonata Dusk
Vinyl Scratch
Derpy Hooves

Principal Celestia
Vice Principal Luna
Bon Bon
Big Macintosh
Sweetie Belle
Granny Smith
Flash Sentry
Discord(Final Boss)

Power Discs
Twilight's Crown of Friendship

Transfomers Playset

Playable Characters
Optimus Prime

Cliff Jumper
Trypticon(Final Boss)

Power Discs
Dinobot Call
Energon Cube

DarkSpore Playset (The Spore Characters are made by me)

Playable Characters

Friendly Aliens
Galactic Emperor(Final Boss)
Space Kracken(Boss)

Power Discs
Ray Gun
Light Sword
Space Armor

GameCraft Playset (GameCraft was made by Me)

Playable Character
Fantasy Hero
Sci Fi Hero
Sci Fi Heroine
Blaster Dynamo
Captain MechaBeard
The Skull
The Mascot
Fire Troll
Dark Lord's Son
Dark Lord's Daughter
Dark Lord

The King
Vaine's Sister
DarkLord(Final Boss)
Monsters of Go-Go Island

Power Discs
Giga Rex
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: MLP Music
  • Reading: MLP,Skylanders and Nintendo Comics
  • Watching: Random Youtube Videos
  • Playing: Skylanders Trap Team
  • Eating: Zebra Cakes
  • Drinking: Soda
Kaos is ready to unleash his most devious plan to rule Skytropollis,With his new league of Villains,Nothing can stop him,Its up to you and The Skylanders and the Mane 6 to Capture all the Villains and Defeat Kaos.Bring the Skylanders to life and Capture the Villains and make them fight for you,There are over a lot of Skylanders to collect and More than 60 Villains to capture.

The Trap Master Skylanders-Have Powerful Traptainum Weapons,And the only Skylanders Powerful Enough to capture Villains

Giant Skylanders-The Biggest Skylanders,with the most Unique Powers,And The Most powerful against Giant Villains

Swap Force Skylanders-Still Able to Swap but instead of bodies they Swap Their Powers

New and Returning Skylanders-Play as your Favorite Skylanders from Skylanders Spyro's Adventure,Giants,Swap Force and Trap Team and Play as New Characters you've never seen before

The Mane 6-They may be from Equestria,But they have Awesome Powers just like the Skylanders

Mini Skylanders:They may be Children but very Unique

Traps:Use New Traptainum Traps to Trap and Play as the Villains,Now able to be Upgraded

Custom Skylanders:Create your very own Hero,Give them upgrades and Level them up,And Explore the World of Skytropollis

Only You can bring the Skylanders to Life,And Save The City of Skytropollis!

Skylands Acadmey the Video Game

Rated E10 for ages 10 and up
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: MLP Music
  • Reading: MLP,Skylanders and Nintendo Comics
  • Watching: Random Youtube Videos
  • Playing: Skylanders Trap Team
  • Eating: Zebra Cakes
  • Drinking: Soda


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