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Abilites-Guitar Blade,Werewolf Instincts 
Personallity-Cool,Lone Wolf,Doggish(Sometimes),Rude,Loud
Love Interest-Adagio Dazzle
Likes-Rock n Roll Music,Adagio Dazzle(Girlfriend),Video Games,The Skaletones
Dislikes-Classic Music,Opera Music,Chill Bill and Dr.Krankcase acting like Idiots,Sonata and Aria acting like Idiots
Catchphrase-Let their be Rock!


Chill Bill-He thinks Chill Bill is a Idiot,But they still hang out
Dr.Krankcase-He thinks Dr.Krankcase is a Bummer since he's so Smart,But they do hangout 
Golden Queen-They're good Friends,But sometimes the Queen is Fet up with Wolfgang's Rude Behavior
Dreamcatcher-He thinks she's Annoying 
Chompy Mage-He calls him "Old"
Grinnade-He treats Grinnade like a child since Grinnade doesn't speak
Adagio Dazzle-He really loves her,Her looks,Her Body,Her Voice,Everything about her,Even the fact the She surrounded by two Idiots
Sonata Dusk-He thinks She's "Dumber" than Chill Bill
Aria Blaze-They do hangout but Sometimes He thinks She's Dumber than Sonata

Chill Bill
Ablilties-Freeze Gun,Jet Pack
Love Interest-Sonata Dusk
Likes-Sonata Dusk(Girlfriend),Ice Cream,Snow Days,Wolfgang,Dr.Krankcase(Sometimes)
Dislikes-Dr.Krankcase correcting him,Aria Blaze being mean to Sonata,Wolfgang being a Jerk,People who make Sonata cry
Catchphrase-I aim to Freeze!

Wolfgang-He thinks Wolfgang is a Jerk,But they still hang out
Dr.Krankcase-They are good friends,But he hates it when he corrects Chill Bill
Dreamcatcher-They don't talk much
Chompy Mage-
Grinnade-He can't understand Grinnade since he beeps
Golden Queen-She's Scared of the Queen when she's mad,But they are good Friends(Even though Chill Bill sometimes acts Immature sometimes)
Adagio Dazzle-They don't talk much
Sonata Dusk-He loves her,And will do anything to Help Sonata when she needs him,Plus they have things in common 
Aria Blaze:He Often hates her for being mean to Sonata,Calling her "The Worst" and Arguing with her(Chill Bill is Always on Sonata's Side)She hates him back for being Dumb

Ablilties-His Robotic Suit of Armor
Love Interest-Aria Blaze
Likes-Robotics,Science,School,Education,Chemistry,Books,Video Games
Catchphrase-Paging Doctor Krankcase!


Wolfgang-They Hangout,But sometimes dislikes it when Wolfgang does something Wrong
Chill Bill-They are good Friends,But hates it when Chill Bill does something Stupid
Dreamcatcher-They don't talk much
Chompy Mage-Respects him since he's Old,Chompy Mage does the same since he's young and smart
Grinnade-He Understands Grinnade very well
Golden Queen-He listens and Respects the Queen,They Get along just Fine
Painyatta-He thinks he should go on a Diet
Adagio Dazzle-He has mixed feelings for Adagio
Sonata Dusk-He thinks Sonata is Clueless and Ditzy
Aria Blaze-He loves her,Sometimes she thinks he's a Nerd but she likes him the same way

Ablities-Dream Magic
Personallity-Valley Girl,Bubbly(Sometimes)
Love Interest-Doesn't have one
Likes-Going in Peoples Dreams,Make Up,Pretty and Sexy Clothes,Cute Boys
Dislikes-People who think shes annoying


Wolfgang-She thinks Wolfgang 
Chill Bill-She's Good friends with him
Dr.Krankcase-They don't talk much
Chompy Mage-Makes fun of him for being Old
Painyatta-They're good friends
Grinnade-Thinks Grinnade is a Cute Toy
Golden Queen-She Treats Dreamcatcher like a Little Sister
Adagio Dazzle-She thinks Dreamcatcher is Annoying
Sonata Dusk-They're good friends
Aria Blaze-They're good friends

Chompy Mage

Abilities-Summoning Chompies and turning into one
Personallity-Wise,Good Natured

I'll finshed the rest Later
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Nothing
  • Reading: MLP,Skylanders and Nintendo Comics
  • Watching: Marvel Carttons
  • Playing: Skylanders Trap Team
  • Eating: Apples
  • Drinking: Soda
Marvel Trappable Villains by SuperMarioMaster170
Marvel Trappable Villains
Here are some Marvel Trappable Villains

Magic:Super Skrull-He has all the powers of the Fantastic Four,So that makes him Magic
Water:Abomination-He looks like a Giant Fish Man
Undead:Venom:He's Creepy,Nuff Said
Earth:Juggernaut-He's strong and Tough
Tech:Crimson Dynamo-He's a Machine
Fire: Dormammu-He's got Fire Powers
Life:Sabertooth-He acts like a Wild Animal
Air:Whirlwind-Its in his name
Lego Batman Trappable Villains by SuperMarioMaster170
Lego Batman Trappable Villains
Here are the Lego Batman 3 Trappble Villains,The meme is not mine

Magic-Batmite(He's a Imp,Imp's are Magic)
Water-Killer Croc
Tech-Lex Luthor
Undead-Solomon Grundy
Air-Killer Moth
Marvel Skylanders by SuperMarioMaster170
Marvel Skylanders
In honor of Disney Infinty 2.0 I made this,The Meme belongs to a friend of mine

Magic-Scarlet Witch
Earth-Hulk(Lucky Guess)
Water-Sub Mariner
Fire-Human Torch
Tech-Iron Man
Undead-Ghost Rider(I know he has Fire but He's Undead)
Light-Silver Surfer
Remember when I said I was gonna make a Skylander University Fanfic?,Well I am and its called Hero's University,Its about a Skylander named Crimson Shot and his goal is to become a Skylander and get his toy made with the help of his team and a few other teams to beat the Rival College Doom Tech.There are some many Teams,Here's what I have so Fair

Team 1-Not named yet

Team 2-The All Arounds

Team 3-Equestrian SKylanders

Team 4-SKylanders that parody Real Superheroes

Team 5-The Carniforce

Team 6-Girl Power

Team 7-The Rejects-Skylanders who were supposed to appear in the Other Games 

Team 8-The Newbies

The Newbies are Skylander OC made by some fans,I got one member for the Undead Element named Maria,I still got a few more to go.
  • Mood: Glad
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  • Reading: MLP,Skylanders and Nintendo Comics
  • Watching: Marvel Superhero Squad
  • Playing: Skylanders Trap Team
  • Eating: Cashews
  • Drinking: Soda


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My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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