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T.O.M.E Skylanders by SuperMarioMaster170
T.O.M.E Skylanders
Here are some T.O.M.E Characters as Skylanders


Earth-NYLOCKE Master of the Earth Element




Undead-Demon King



Light-Saturn Diva


The Characters of TOME belong to
Thomas and Friends as DC Super Heroes by SuperMarioMaster170
Thomas and Friends as DC Super Heroes
After I saw this…

I had to do this





Gordon-The Flash

Henry-Green Lantern

Emily-Wonder Woman


Thomas belongs to Hit Entertainment
Justice League Belongs to DC Comics
DC Skylanders by SuperMarioMaster170
DC Skylanders
This took me a long time to do,But I finally finished it,Here are the DC Superheros if they were Skylanders

Earth-Wonder Woman
Tech-Red Rocket
Air-The Flash
Life-Animal Man
Light-Green Lantern

The Meme is not Mine
Nintendo Skylanders by SuperMarioMaster170
Nintendo Skylanders
I love Nintendo and I Love Skylanders,So I made this Meme,To honor both of them,Heck I might do more Like I did with Marvel

Undead-Phantom(From Zelda Phantom Hourglass,Yes I know its Zelda but I still counts)
Life-Donkey Kong
Dark-Meta Knight

The Meme doesn't belong to me
The Good News is I got my equipment,The Bad News Is I have to buy Adobe Flash for my Laptop,I also wonder which version of Adobe I should get,But when I do and After I'm done taking Art Classes,I'm going to make Web Toons on the Internet and Comics,I wanted to be a Video Game Desginer but My Teacher told me that it will be very hard,So I decided to be a Cartoonist.Here are some Comics and Web Toons I will work on

Skylanders X MLP-I thought about making a Skylanders and My Little Pony Crossover when I started getting into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,I was gonna make episodes based off of the Episodes of Friendship is Magic,But now I realized that I'll Probably come up with my own Ideas for Episodes,Or make some Episodes based off of Cartoons I watched like Spongebob,Powerpuff Girls,Chowder,Fairly Oddparents,and a couple others,And I also might come up with my own songs too for Musical Numbers.(I just got to find a Music Composer and I'm not good with Music)I'll even come up with my Original Characters too.

Skylands Acadmey-Equesrtia Girls was a great movie series,And I thought what if the Skylanders were in it,But what if they were Super Heroes,That would make sense since the Skylanders were Fantasy Superheros in the First Place,I'm gonna make this into a Comic series,As for an Animated Web Series......That depends,In this the Mane 6 and Skylanders have to learn the responsibility of being a Super Hero

Nintendents-Disney's Descendants had a pretty good concept,So I thought in my head "What if Characters like Mario,Link and Donkey Kong had Descendants of their own,And that's when it hit me,However I will make this into a Comic series,Mega Man will be the only Non-Nintendo Character present into the Series

Marvel-Landers-I always thought to myself "Marvel and Skylanders can actually mix"Why not make this Idea,Marvel in the Style of Skylanders,That's gonna be a Comic and I might turn that into a animated series,Also I'll come up with my own OC Marvel Characters,Some Marvel Characters that have been forgotten will also be in this series as well.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Adventures-This series came up when I was playing Disney Infinity 2.0 before Christmas Day,Its gonna be a comic book series,I don't know If I'm gonna add Marvel Characters since I am making a Marvel series anyway,But I will add Disney and Star Wars character though,I'll even add Characters who didn't make it into Disney Infinity(That means I might add Sora from Kingdom Hearts)

GameCraft-This is my own Answer to Skylanders,I was gonna make this into a Video Game,But then I decided to make it a Web Toon,Like Skylanders there are Elements but the Elements are based off of things I learned about since Childhood,Greek Mythology,Marine Biology,Giant Monster Movies,Wildlife,Robotics,Folklore,Dragons,Fantasy,Superheros,Sci-Fi,Martial Arts and many other things,I have drawn a few characters but I might make some changes with those characters,It will also be like Super Smash Bros when They Characters get into battle Also some Characters have some abilities from a few Fighters from Smash Bros,Like Mario,Link,Meta Knight,Donkey Kong,Yoshi and a couple others.This one will be a Comic as well.

Legion of Super Animals-Take Marvel and DC Comics,Sonic The Hedgehog and TMNT,And What do you get,Legion of Super Animals,I was gonna make it into a Children's Book series but I thought that I'll make it into a Comic Book and a Web Toon,For the Main Character I was gonna either us Hyper Dog (A Dog that is a Parody of Superman)or Iron Turtle(A Turtle that is a Parody of Iron Man)The Phrase "Fighting like Dogs and Monkeys "gave me the Idea of making my Main Villain named "Magna Monkey".This show will probably have some Slapstick kinda like Looney Tunes,I was mostly inspired by DC Nation's Farm League and Spider Ham when I thought of this Idea.

Land of Quests-Land of Quests is kinda like League of Legends,Terraria Final Fantasy and Marvel's Contest of Champions,Its Good Guys vs Bad Guys again but its kinda like a contest type of thing kinda like Wacky Races from Hannah Barbara,If the Heroes win,Peace is Restored,If the Villains win,They get to conquer it,I'll have to do a lot with this one,

Out of this World-This was inspired by Friendship is Magic,Except its in Space,Its about a Teenage Girl from earth he meets these Aliens that Powers and they explore Planets,Learn about friendship and battle evil Villains,I'll make it into a Web Toon and a Comic,I still don't have much things to talk about this series but I'll work on it.

I might come up with more Ideas in the Future but these are the ones I have for now
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My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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