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What will Happen in Skylanders 5 by SuperMarioMaster170
What will Happen in Skylanders 5
I'm Really Excited for what Activison is gonna do for Skylanders 5,All I heard is that the Game is gonna be "Innovated",In other words They might make some Changes.I know that the Light and Dark Elements will have more Skylanders Besides The ones from Trap Team which is pretty cool,I really Hope that the Villains from Trap Team will Return as Skylanders(That means they can get Upgraded and have new Abilities)I'm Sure Kaos won't be the Main Villain anymore and replace him with a New Villain (I think its gonna be Malefor) I also can't wait to see what the new Gimmick will be for Skylanders 5,My Idea is to let the Portal Master make their own Skylanders which I think will be really neat,Also I hope We get new Trappable Villains so We won't have to use the Traps for Nothing,My Hearts Racing like Crazy for What Activison is gonna give to us this Year!
StinkBomb's Painting-Sweet Tooth by SuperMarioMaster170
StinkBomb's Painting-Sweet Tooth
StinkBomb makes  a Picture of Sweet Tooth,Only it looks Gross and Disgusting 
StinkBomb's Painting-Glug by SuperMarioMaster170
StinkBomb's Painting-Glug
Stinkbomb makes a Painting of Glug but it looks pretty Scary

The Meme belongs to Blackrhinoranger
Glug belongs to Me
Adventure Time Skylanders by SuperMarioMaster170
Adventure Time Skylanders
I like Adventure Time its a really good Show on Cartoon Network (Next to Teen Titans Go) So I made this,What Element I think some of the Characters should be 

Magic:Finn-Finn does have a Magic Sword
Earth:Jake-Jake is Pretty Strong 
Water:Ice King-Ice Counts as Water
Fire:Flame Princess-She has Fire Powers
Tech:Bmo-Bmo is a Robot,So that counts
Undead:Marceline-She's Queen of the Vampires,Nuff Said
Air:Lumpy Space Princess-She can float,And She looks like a Cloud
Life:Huntress Wizard-Well she does kinda look like a Forest Ninja
Light:Princess Bubblegum-I just think Light would be good for her
Dark:Billy-Billy has a Lich Form
Who Knockout Acts like by SuperMarioMaster170
Who Knockout Acts like
Here's another GameCraft Hero,Knockout the Kangaroo and here's who he acts like

The Kangaroo from the Arcade Game-The Game Inspired me to make him

Roger-He's a Kickboxing Kangaroo

Crash Bandicoot-He Can Spin just like Crash


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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