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Jeckler's Forms by SuperMarioMaster170
Jeckler's Forms
When Jeckler drinks different Colors of his Potion he turns into a Elemental Monster

Red Potion-He Turns into a Fire Monster and he can breath fire

Blue Potion-He Turns into a Water Monster

Yellow Potion-He Turns into a Electric Monster and he can Hover in the Air

Green Potion-He Turns into a Ferocious Clawed Monster and can Slash his Enemies (Like Pop Fizz)
Jeckler by SuperMarioMaster170
Jeckler is a New Character I made for GameCraft,You saw him a a Meme as a Character I added in One of Blackrhinoranger's Memes,He was inspired by Pop Fizz from Skylanders and Dr.Jekyll and Mr Hyde



Abilities-He's a Alchemist.He uses Potions and Drinks them to turn into a Monster

World-King's Kingdom

Idea for Voice Actor-Tom Kenny
Roller Brawl and Twinkle Star by SuperMarioMaster170
Roller Brawl and Twinkle Star
For this Fanfic,Cynder will be replaced by Roller Brawl but she is still in my Fanfic as a Secondary Character,As for Twinkle Star she is a member of the Hackers and the element she has is Light,She is a Original Character I made for GameCraft
Equestria Girls Stormblade by SuperMarioMaster170
Equestria Girls Stormblade
I finally made Stormblade in Equestria Girls,And Yes I will do the other SuperChargers,I made her look like a Ninja because Stormblade kinda looks like a ninja
1.The Show will  be Action and Comedy

2.Some Episodes will change

3.The Hive will get New Members

4.Jinx will be a Member of the Titans in the First Episode

5.Besides Superboy,Robin,Wonder Girl and Impulse will be the Main Characters

6.Ending Villains for Each Season

7.Each Season will Focus on One Character like the Old Titans

8.Dick Grayson and Barbra Gordon will be replaced by Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown

9.Kid Flash will be replaced by Impulse

10.Artemis will replace Speedy

11.The Young Justice Aqualad will be replace the Old Aqualad

12.Some of the Titans will get new Outfits

13.Characters like Bat Mite and Bizarro will get their own Episodes

14.The Members will be Superboy,Robin,Wonder Girl,Impulse,Aqualad,Artemis,Cyborg,Beast Boy,Starfire,Raven,The Wonder Twins,Lil Lobo/Slo bo,Bombshell,Miss Martian,Rose Wilson,Aquagirl,Blue Beetle,Bumblebee,Guradian,Offspring,Panthra,Jess Quick,Mas and Menos,Comet,Supergirl,Stargirl,Kyle Rayner,Indigo,Katanna,Element Man,Black Lightning,Mary Marvel,Grace Choi,Captain Marvel Jr.,And others

15.Bat-Mite will be like a Conscience to the Titans

16.The Justice League is still in it,So is the Legion of Doom

17.The Legion of Superheroes will be in it as well,Mostly in Season 4 which will be Impulses Story

18.I might just give the Title a new name called "Young Justice Heroes United"

19.It Might have a Connection to the New DC You
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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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Hey, I was wondering if you could draw my Skylanders OC (Naivel Note) with Wolfgang? I'll send a reference image if you want, but if you don't want to I understand :)
SuperMarioMaster170 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What does Naivel Note Look Like?
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Here is a new SSB x MLP story (plus if you read the descrpiton, there's a link that leads to the story that follows it.)
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