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My Aunt told me that before I should get Adobe Animate CC,She said I have to start with the Free Trial before I get the Real thing,I will get the free trial,Its just that I lost my Drawing Pen and I have to find it,If I can't find it then I'll have to use my Gift Card to get a New One,Then After I get the hang of it I'll get Started on My Animations for YouTube,Cause I really want my Career to come true.So Here are the Main Projects I will work and focus on in the Future

1.GameCraft-Skylanders was they Big Inspiration they got me into making this Cartoon,Not only that but Also,Super Smash Bros,TOME and TVTome Adventures,And Of Course Press Start Adventures,I'm Already working the rest of the Series right now,Making more Characters,Episodes,Backstories,And Many other things.This will be my best Cartoon Yet!

2.Legion of Super Animals-Marvel,DC,Sonic the Hedgehog and TMNT,Inspired me to make this Show,Its about these Super Hero Animals fighting Crime of course,However I'm thinking about making two versions of this show,One that will be Serious like the Archie Sonic Comics,DC,Marvel,And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(The one on Nickelodeon)The Other One will be a Comedy kinda like Disney's Darkwing Duck and Marvel's Spider-Ham Comics,Most of the Animals are inspired by DC and Marvel Superheroes and Villains.

3.Out of this World-My Little Pony Friendship is Magic inspired me to make this Cartoon,Its about 14 Teenage Girls who get these
Super Powers from the Guardians of the Planets and they have to save the Galaxy and Earth from Blackhole and his Minions,Like FIM,The 14 Girls learn about Friendship and good morals,Sometimes they're Adventures take place on Earth and Sometimes they take place in Space.And yes this show has Musical Numbers just like Friendship is Magic.

4.Land of Quests-This is League of Legends meets Total Drama and Wacky Races,This show is gonna be a Game Show,Its about these Fantasy Creatures entering this Game Show to win 10000 Dollars(Like in Total Drama Island)This Show will have some Strange Stuff like Nudity,Except it will be Censored (Like how Total Drama showed Boobies and Panties)This show will be geared twards Teenagers and Adults,So kids might not like this one.

5.Re-Tooned(New)-Its about these Random Cartoon Characters doing Random things,This show was inspired by The Mr.Men Show and Homestar Runner,Like Homestar Runner some of the Episodes will have different styles like,Anime,20-30's Cartoons,8-Bit,Storybook,Action,And many other Styles.

6.Skylanders X MLP-My First Crossover Series,Like I said,I'll work on this one,I do have some OC Skylanders and MLP Characters to add,And if your a fan of both Franchises I can add you character in a episode by letting them have a cameo,Guest star Appearance,Or have a role on the Episode,I'll tell you more about this series in another Journal.

7.Tomorrow World(New)-This show is kinda like if Spore was like Futurama,Buzz Lightyear of Star Command,Bravest Warriors,And other Sci-Fi Shows I watched,There are two Characters I have named Plesiocroc and Aqua,They're going to have some changes in this show,This show takes place in the Future,Where there are Humans,Aliens,Mutants,Robots and other Creatures,And yes its a Heroes versus Villains type of show,They heroes go to different Planets to beat the Villains but Instead of the Real Planets like in Out of this World,All the Planets are made up,like a Fire Planet,A Water Planet and many others,And Each of the Characters have different weapons.

8.Skylanders X MLP The Amazing Race-This is a Special I was planning to do and I'm going to make some changes about this one.
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Top 10 Characters I Hate by SuperMarioMaster170
Top 10 Characters I Hate
Now that I did a top ten Characters the make me Laugh now I'm gonna do a List of Characters that I Hate,And Keep in mind this is only MY OPINION! So Any who lets get started

10.Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon(MLP FIM)-The reason these two are low on the list because they redeemed themselves in the Episode Where the Crusaders earn they're Cutie Marks,I hate them because they're spoiled brats,Plus Diamond Tiara made everyone hate the Crusaders in Ponyville Confindential,And the Blank Flank thing is annoying

9.Gorgonzola(Chowder)-I just find Gorgonzola to be a bland and boring antagonist,That's All

8.Mr.Krabs( Spongebob)-Mr Krabs use to have a heart of gold in Spongebob seasons 1 2 and 3,But now he is just a cruel,Heartless,Dictator,Who cares about nothing else but Money:greed: 

7.Spongebob( Spongebob)-You all know why Spongebob is on the List,He is just sooo Annoying,His Laughs and Cries are just Obnoxious,And no I don't think Spongebob is Gay,And I liked Spongebob he was my Favorite Character because he was Smart and Funny,But now he just really Annoying and stupid

6.Patrick Star(Spongebob)-He is the Dumbest Moron in the history of morons,I use to like Patrick,He was dumb but also funny,Like in this… But now He has become more than just and Idiot,But also a Jerk and a Bully,Even to his
best friend,Sheesh! What a Asshole! And the reason SPongebob became really stupid,its all because of Patrick

5.Eustace(Courage the Cowardly Dog)-If there was one character I hate in Courage the Cowardly it has to be Eustace,Good Potatoes I hate this guy,All he does is torture poor little Courage and call him a Stupid Dog,If Courage is so stupid,How come he is brave enough to save Muriel's Life and treat her with respect,Gee no wonder his mom hates him,Not to mention his a wimp and a big baby and always telling Muriel

where's his dinner,And his "Stupid Dog" Catchphrase is so Annoying it makes me cringe,it also makes you want him to  Annoying Talking Frog Besides he's the Stupid One(THat's what Shirley the Medium calls him)

4.Kevin(Ed Edd n Eddy)-I have always hated Kevin on Ed Edd n Eddy,He just nothing more than a Big Bully and a Show off,And When he says "Dorks"all the time,It is so Annoying,Again it makes me want to tel that asshole to Shut up But what really made be hate him is when he
blackmailed Eddy when he found out about Eddy's middle name,Also He ruined Eddy's School Photo,Twice! Man! Kevin is such a Douche Bag If I was Nazz I would dump his ass and go for Double D,At least Double D is Smart and Kind,Kevin is nothing but a Dorky Douchebag

3.Sarah and Jimmy(Ed Edd n Eddy)-Smg4 Mario Facepalm EqG Twilgiht (Facepalm) Plz Oh god,These two Brats,I have always ALWAYS had a HUGE hatred to Sarah and Jimmy,They are just so Annoying,Let's talk about Jimmy,Jimmy is just so whinny and irritating his voice is just so cringe worthy it makes my ears bleed,His laughs and Cries are even worse than Spongebob's,(At least Spongebob was Likable)I only think its funny when Jimmy gets hurt because he deserves it for being so annoying,Now Let's talk about Sarah,Sarah is just Spoiled,Rotten,Loud Mouth,Good for nothing,Monkey Faced Brat who really makes me:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Uwouldnt like me when Im angry ,All She does is yell all the time and that gets really annoying,Also she always snitches on Ed,not to mention Torture him,Worst of all she never gets in trouble,This is why I feel so bad for poor Ed Ed Emote 3  because he has to live with a Spoiled Rotten Monkey faced Brat! If I was Ed I would Strangle both them for being so obnoxious and annoying!

2.Rigby and Benson(Regular Show)-I really hate these assholes,And Here's why,Rigby can be douche to his friend Mordecai,He is so Irresponsible and Immature,That's why Benson always yells at both of them,Its mostly Rigby's Fault,Then there's Benson,You thought Sarah's yelling was annoying,Benson's yelling is even worse,I always hated Benson on Regular Show,He is always uptight and Yells at Mordecai and Rigby all the time when it's mostly Rigby's fault,Also When Mordecai and Rigby save the Park,Benson yells at them even though they saved everyone's life,That makes me hate Benson even more! he is such a Jackass(I understand he is the boss but still)

And the Number Character I hate is..

1.Squidward(Spongebob)-If you don't wanna hear this then I suggest you leave,Remember this is MY Opinion! I have never like Squidward when Spongebob first came out,He is the Biggest Asshole in the History of Assholes,He is such a jerk and a bully to Spongebob,like in the April Fools episode when He play the Prank that went too far and made Spongebob cry,He also made fun of Spongebob for him getting kisses from his Grandma,But the worst of them all was when he tried to kill Spongebob with the Bombed Pie,I even hate him in the Modern Episodes,His yelling is just as Way more annoying than Sarah's and Benson's,And yes I hate the Squidward Torture Episodes(The Main Reason why I put Spongebob and Patrick on the List)I have never like Squidward and I never will,because he is nothing more than a Selfish,Cruel,Mean,Despicable,Heartless,Snobby,ASSHOLE!

And that is my Top Ten Characters I hate

The Meme belongs to…

And for the Third Time THIS IS ONLY MY OPINION!
Skylanders OC-Chomp Rock by SuperMarioMaster170
Skylanders OC-Chomp Rock
Name-Chomp Rock



Catchphrase-"Chomp and Roll"

Abilities-The Boulder can chomp Enemies,The Chompy can Multiply more Chompies and also Bite

Idea for Voice Actor-Frank Welker(Gogo Dodo from Tiny Toons Adventures)
My Top 10 Funniest Characters by SuperMarioMaster170
My Top 10 Funniest Characters
This is my next Top Ten List,My Top Ten Funniest Characters,I hope you enjoy it

10.Luigi(Super Mario Bros)-In some Mario Games and also Smash Bros,Luigi can be really funny,Especially the Mario and Luigi games,Luigi's Clumsyness cracks me up.

9.Amethyst(Steven Universe)-Out of all the Crystal Gems,Amethyst is the one that makes me laugh the most,She's like a older sister to Steven,She even does a lot of random things like morphing into Animals and Cars and many other things. 

8.Cyborg and Beast Boy(Teen Titans)-STANKBALL! That's all I can say

7.Kirbopher and Nylocke(TOME)-I love TOME it is my Number 1 favorite Web Toon of all time! There are two characters that crack me up in the Series,Kirb and Nylocke,Kirbopher has his funny moments like this clip… As for Nylocke,Its funny when he says "Nylocke Master of (Insert Random thing here) and that's what makes Nylocke funny,Overall they're both great characters

6.Dr.Heinz Doofinshmirtz(Phineas and Ferb)-To me,Dr Doofinshmirtz is the funniest Disney Villain I ever seen,He always comes up with different Inators to take over the tri state area,But fails when Perry beats him,And he's says that one line "Curse you Perry the Platypus!" I find that hilarious,Here are some Clips of him saying that…;

5.Billy(The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy)-I love Richard Horvitz and Billy is no exception,Whatever Billy does is Hilarious,To Me Billy is a idiot character done right

4.Ed(Ed Edd n Eddy)-I love is big Oaf,Ed is so funny,He lives in this own little world,I do feel bad for the big guy do to the fact that he has to live with his bratty little sister Sarah,But Other than that Ed is just hilarious,Just take a look at this…

3.Pinkie Pie(My Little Pony Friendship is Magic)-She is just so random(plus adorable)Pinkie does a lot of random things to make anyone laugh,like breaking the forth… and just being really silly,Pinkie is by far the funniest character in Friendship is Magic,and I love her for it!

2.Timon and Pumbaa(The Lion King)-Its the Hakuna Matata duo themselves,Timon and Pumbaa are just plain hilarious,No wonder these two got their own Movie and their own TV Show,Their real time to shine was Lion King 1 1/2,My BRother and I would die laughing whenever we watched it.Timon and Pumbaa are a Symbol of Funny Disney Sidekicks.

1.Goofy and Donald(Disney)-OMG! When I started watching Disney's House of Mouse,I started loving Goofy and Donald,Goofy's Cartoon were always about him try to do different things but he does them in Goofy ways,As for Donald I  love the Cartoons with him and Shelby the Turtle,They just crack me up,Even if they're not in the House of Mouse,Goofy and Donald are still funny,Even in the Kingdom Hearts Games,and the New Mickey Mouse Shorts.

Well that's it,Hope you enjoy it

Kirbopher and Nylocke belong to

Pinkie Pie belongs to Hasbro and

The Meme belongs to
Happy Birthday Blackrhinoranger by SuperMarioMaster170
Happy Birthday Blackrhinoranger
Happy 22nd Birthday Blackrhinoranger! Your a great friend and a true Skylanders Fan.

Black Rhino Ranger belongs…

The Little Purple Guy belongs to me


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My Names Dosh I've Just Started Drawing do To The Inspiration From My Teacher Mr.Veil. I Love To Draw Things Like Mario,Sonic,Homstar Runner & Friends,Skylanders,My Little Pony & Disney.

My Dream Is To Create My Own Skylanders Franchise!!! All Support Is Truely Appriciated :)

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